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Old Skool Night!


We are hosting an Old Skool Night at Frim Fram and are thrilled to invite those of you who might have started dancing in the 1990s, and have been coming to Fram since it started the join the regular crowd for a night of reunion and dancing!

This will be a normal Frim Fram night, but old school Fram DJ Steven “Wexie” Wexler will be joining music coordinator Ryan Swift to make sure that plenty of tunes that were popular "back in the day" will be on the list that night. If there are old tunes you especially miss, mention them in the comments!

Be sure to share this invite with all your pals who you took classes with, went to Jellyroll with, or competed with at NADC with, so we get maximum old skool times.

Maybe everyone who shows up in skants and modrobes should get in for free. Whadaya think?